Teacher misery and burnout are accepted as inevitable.

I reject that.

New Teachers Thriving 

seeks to support educators to thrive as professionals and people.

I felt isolated and scared in the weeks leading up to my first day as a teacher. I wanted to be great, but didn't know what I should be doing to start the school year strong.​

This is the book I wish someone had given to me. Inside, you'll find practical advice and resources for the soon-to-be teacher.


Starting strong matters. A lot. I hope this book helps you have a great start to the school year both personally and professionally.


cLASSROOM Resources

Lesson plans, inspirational quotes, management plans, and lots more


Some thoughts about supporting teachers to thrive


Videos of me in action with my students


seeks to support...

  • Folks in their first years in the profession

  • Any educator working to transform their practice and their life


I know what it feels like to be filled with anxiety, totally unsure about how I should be preparing to start the school year. 


Because I didn’t know what to do before school started, my first days with students were a mess. By October, when my Mom asked me how I was doing, I started crying into my pancakes at IHOP.


Nobody should have to experience that. And yet, each year, hundreds of thousands of new teachers experience similar levels of misery.

New Teachers Thriving seeks to provide teachers with the support they need to reach their potential as both educators and people.

About Tyler

The core belief that drives me is the idea that every child is made in the image of God. I believe every child has infinite worth and value and that we regularly fail to see the profound potential that exists within the students, teachers, parents, and other staff who enter our schools each day. Given that, I believe that we must commit ourselves to creating classrooms, schools, and school systems that honor the worth and the potential of every person.

I've taught middle and high school English, coached teachers, and led a teacher training program. I am currently in the Doctor of Education Leadership Program at Harvard University. You can learn more about me here.



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Thank you for doing what you do, God bless you, and keep going strong. 

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